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A data collaboration tool that business, data analysts, and IT will love

Demand for data is dramatically increasing as enterprises become data-driven. IT is struggling to meet the data needs of the business, and as a result, data analysts are spending up to 80% of their time cleaning data. This situation makes it even harder for IT to enforce data governance policies. Talend Data Preparation addresses these challenges by combining intuitive self-service data preparation and enterprise-class data integration to transform how IT, data analysts, and business users can collaborate to turn big data into insight:

  • Business: Less time scrubbing, more time analyzing
  • Data Analysts: Accelerate data usage and collaboration
  • IT: Govern the use of data

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Less time scrubbing, more time analyzing.

Data Preparation enables anyone to access and cleanse data using browser-based, point-and-click tools. Smart guides and visual tools help anyone quickly understand data attributes and quality status. Results can easily be exported into desktop tools such as Tableau and Excel, enabling immediate decision-making.


Govern the use of data.

Empower decision makers without putting data at risk and undermining compliance. Talend Data Preparation ensures that role-based access and masking rules appropriately control the use of data. With one click, you can embed data preparation recipes back into batch, bulk, and master data management data integration scenarios. Talend takes advantage of the 900 connectors that support data sources and targets to deliver data preparation at enterprise scale.

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Accelerate data usage and collaboration.

Data analysts can transform and cleanse data from the data lake, while data stewards can manage exceptions and enforce data policies, which accelerates time-to-insight. Datasets and preparations can be shared and automated to create a single source of trusted data.


Extract Value from Data in Minutes, Not Hours

Collect data from hundreds of data sources, including big data.Leverage 50+ cleansing functions to easily clean up data.Automatically discover semantics and data attributes. Click to profile and visualize data statistics.Shape, combine and enrich data to fit analysis or integration tasks.Save and share recipes to reuse when data changes or for repeated processes.
Access More
Collect data from hundreds of data sources, including big data.
Cleanse Easily
Leverage 50+ cleansing functions to easily clean up data.
Profile Faster
Automatically discover semantics and data attributes. Click to profile and visualize data statistics.
Integrate Quickly
Shape, combine and enrich data to fit analysis or integration tasks.
Automate Process
Save and share recipes to reuse when data changes or for repeated processes.


Compare Data Preparation Features

Choose the single-user desktop version of Data Preparation, or add Data Preparation to any Talend subscription for enterprise-wide access.

Data Preparation Free Desktop
Data Integration with Data Preparation
Data Fabric
License ApacheSubscriptionSubscription
UsersSingle userMulti-userMulti-user
Access & Cleanse Data IncludedIncludedIncluded
Import, export, and combine CSV and Excel filesIncludedIncludedIncluded
Import, export, and combine CSV, Parquet and Avro files on HadoopIncludedIncludedIncluded
Import and combine any data from any databaseIncludedIncludedIncluded
Export to TableauIncludedIncludedIncluded
Data discovery and profilingIncludedIncludedIncluded
Cleansing, shaping, and standardizationIncludedIncludedIncluded
Data enrichment and combinationIncludedIncludedIncluded
Profiling and management of personalized data semantic typeUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
Collaboration & Security + Access and sharing+ Access and sharing
Multi-user, role-based access, and LDAP authenticationUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Share datasets and preparationsUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Selective sampling and full-runsUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Productize preparations into any data integration flowUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Data Integration + Automate and scale+ Automate and scale
Eclipse-based Talend StudioUnavailableIncludedIncluded
900+ components and connectorsUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Testing, debugging, and tuningUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Centralized metadata managementUnavailableIncludedIncluded
High performance server-based data processingUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Job scheduler and execution plannerUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Activity Monitoring ConsoleUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Talend Administration CenterUnavailableIncludedIncluded
High availability, balancing, and failoverUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
Big Data Integration  + Scale
Running preparations on SparkUnavailableIncludedIncluded
Productize preparations into any Big Data flowUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
Hadoop cleansing, profiling, parsing, and matchingUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
Certified on Hadoop distributions (Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Map, Pivotal)UnavailableUnavailableIncluded
Hadoop job schedulerUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
Spark and MapReduce job designerUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
Hadoop security for KerberosUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
HDFS file profilingUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
Spark streamingUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
High availability, balancing, and failoverUnavailableUnavailableIncluded
SupportTalendForge Community, Help Center+ Guaranteed response times, web & email support, optional 24/7+ Guaranteed response times, web & email support, optional 24/7
Indemnification/ Warranty IncludedIncluded
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Talend Data Preparation Free Desktop

Tired of tearing your hair out to get data from here to there?
Download Talend Data Preparation, a free desktop application that does the work for you.

Get your time back

Reduce the time it takes to get clean, useful data from Excel and CSV files into your favorite data analysis tool.

Clean data is a click away

Use point and click visual tools and smart guides to fix or shape data to make it actionable with Talend Data Preparation.

Automate your work

Reuse your data clean up recipe whenever data is updated and eliminate rework.

Key Features

  • Single user, desktop-based application
  • Import, export, and combine CSV and Excel files
  • Auto-discovery, smart suggestions, and data visualization
  • Cleansing and enrichment functions
  • Completely free


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