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Talend & Couchbase: Jumping into the NoSQL Database World

  While the whole world is shifting towards big data, NoSQL has become a crucial technology in the data management industry. The need for moving and transforming data between traditional and modern systems has likewise become mission critical for data-driven businesses. This data movement could either be to a new data warehouse project or migrating […]

Testing Machine Learning Algorithms with K-Fold Cross Validation

In an earlier post on Applying Machine Learning to IoT Sensors, I discussed the process for classifying sensor data with a machine learning algorithm. In this post, I’ll give a background on choosing an algorithm, then using a validation technique. For the technique, I’ll show how to apply it, and how it can be built […]

Data Model Design & Best Practices – Part 1

  Business Applications, Data Integration, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, Big Data, Data Lakes, and Machine Learning; these all have (or should have) a common and essential ingredient:  A Data Model; Let us NOT forget about that; Or, as in many situations I run into, ignore it completely! The Data Model is the backbone of […]

What the NFL Still Needs to Learn about Big Data

  Praying for next season will continue until the league gets better at data integration. Nobody loves stats and data more than football fans. From yards-after-catch (YAC) to possible correlations between the NFC winning the Super Bowl and a Republican winning the White House, rabid fans follow every conceivable story the numbers might tell. There […]

Introducing Our Latest Video Series: Craft Beer & Data

  I am really excited to introduce a new series that Mark Balkenede, Director of Technical Marketing and I are putting together around craft beer and data. I often find these two intersect, especially during late nights with tight project deadlines. This series will dig into both subjects in detail, providing you the viewer with […]

What’s New in Talend Data Preparation 2.0?

  This past January, Talend Data Preparation 2.0 officially went live! In this article, I want to highlight some of the new features we’ve packed into our latest release. In a nutshell, Talend Data Preparation 2.0  allows users to democratize the exploitation of big data by taking into account the data types specific to each client, as […]